Cupcakes Actually

I woke up yesterday feeling really cranky. I was lethargic, sloppy, and still getting over my cold. In a word, I felt gross.

As it was a nice day out, I decided the best way to get myself out of the funk was to be out, even just for a little while. So hubs and I got dolled up, packed up the pups, and went to get some cupcakes at this new local cupcakery called Cupcakes Actually.

Cupcakes Actually opened not more than two weeks ago, I believe. They offer six flavors and the price per cupcake ranges from $3.05 to $3.75. The store is conveniently located at Fairfax Corner, where there is plenty of parking. However, because of the boys, hubs dropped me off while he stayed in the car with them.

Cupcakes Actually definitely pays attention to details! The store has a sky blue theme that runs throughout and the cute little cupcakes are neatly presented on cake pedestals of varying heights. I picked two cupcakes, Actually Dipped Chocolate + Strawberry Fields (both shown in the picture above) and they were nicely packaged in a blue box and then placed in a small shopping bag!

After meeting up with hubs, we drove to a nearby field and enjoyed the cupcakes while the pups ran around.

I really liked the cupcakes!

The strawberry cupcake was infused with light flavors of strawberry and the airy butter cream frosting made the cupcake sweet, but not overly so. (It tasted a lot like the Sprinkles' strawberry cupcakes I made! Hubs even thinks that mine tasted better.)

The Actually Dipped Chocolate was delicious, too. This devil's food cupcake was topped with light butter cream and then dipped in chocolate fudge. The frosting looked and tasted marshmallow-ly. I was not disappointed. (Hubs' take? Just another cupcake, not worth the price tag.)

Ultimately, although I love the cupcakes, this was a very frivolous spending that I won't do it again for a long time.

After the cupcakes, we ran around with the boys to work off the calories before heanding home.

We were gone for maybe a little bit more than an hour, but what a mood enhancer! I felt a lot better and ended up having a very productive day!

Cupcakes Actually is located at 11944 Grand Commons Ave. Fairfax, VA 22030. Their phone number is 571-522-6315. Their website is still under construction.


  1. I have such a thing for cupcakes! I wish I could partake in these. It sounds like you had a great day. :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect way to relax and share time with the hubby and boys.

    Not frivolous at all in my book!

    I hope you have a nice week ahead.

  3. That place looks so good! I wish I could sample them all!

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Cupcakes are just magical like that - especially when someone else makes them for you!

  5. Hmmm..nothing really special about these guys, other than being pretty damn spendy for little cupcakes. I still think the best ones I've had were made by Joyce, of course. The second best can be bought at Lavendar Moon in Old Town Alexandria. Those are still overpriced, but compared to this new place, their stuff is worth it.

  6. Very Happy customerApril 1, 2009 at 7:26 PM

    Thanks so much for writing about this little gem. I have to disagree with Cuppy Cakes. These cupcakes are to die for. After purchasing a six pack, I had a lovely talk with their designer, Danielle. I was informed that thier cupcakes are made FROM SCRATCH every morning. They are decorated by hand and thier Italian butter cream is heavenly. Their Strawberry Fields cupcake is infused with fresh strawberry puree as is the butter cream. Sinful. their signature dipped cupcake reminds me of a dipped icecream cone. Ooey Gooey choclate fudge sauce. YUM! That was the only semi-expensive cupcake. But compared in price to Cake Love (not my favoritre and certainly not pretty to look at), Georgetown and Hello Cupcake. I was so impressed with everything from the taste to the beautiful designs, the packaging, the atmosphere and the smiling faces. I will certainly be going back and recommending it to every one I know. To Cuppy Cakes- give them a try if you have not already before you make your judgement.

  7. Great to hear everyone is enjoying the cupcakes at Cupcakes Actually! We are hosting our official grand opening block party this Saturday, May 16th, complete with face painting, cupcake eating contests and live music from local bands!

    Join us from 12 - 4 p.m. Saturday for our grand opening celebration!


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