Spring Planting 2009

This past Monday we woke up to several inches of freshly fallen snow on the ground. Today, Sunday, the snow has melted and the temperature will be in the mid-70s!


So continuing our tradition, we planted some basil and cilantro seeds today.

We used bigger pots (lesson learned from last year) from the get-go so hopefully this will be their permanent home and we only planted a handful of seeds in each pot (to give them plenty room to grow).

We ended up with two pots of basil and one pot of cilantro.

I have more packets of seeds I got in the mail - some wildflowers, lavender, and even cayenne pepper! I want to grow them too, but ran out of potting soil. My goal is to get soil before the end of the week so we can start growing them as well.

Here's to a successful season!


  1. Yay for Spring! Except for this lose and hour thing - booo!

  2. I hear you! Even though it's just one measly hour, yesterday went lightening fast.

  3. I wish with all this science and technology, someone would invent a friggin cheesecake plant. Imagine having little round cheesecake buds sprout from a little bush all season long. Oh well, I guess I can live with basil and cilantro for now...

  4. I always happen to live where Daylight Savings never takes effect. But I still feel for you guys, especially when it means losing sleep. At least you've now got pots of cilantro and basil (my two favorite herbs) at home, all the better for making your Three Cup Chicken (which I'm definitely going to make this week). Good luck growing the other things!

  5. lol @ the cheesecake plant comment above. How about peanut butter cup plants! I'd be out there watering and weeding and uhh...pruning all the time. :)

    I'm starting my first container garden this year. Have some coriander and basil too, and have tried my hand at some bell peppers, parsley and thyme as well. Good luck!


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