Snow Day!

Yesterday was a sweet little day.

Just when I thought we were going to get through winter without any major snowfall, we woke up to several inches on the ground! It was just enough for me to play hooky from work. Yay!

I stayed in bed just a little bit longer, spent time on the Internet, cooked a warm pot of soup + rice noodles, gawked at The Martha Stewart Show, and played along on The Prices Is Right (gah, I was terrible).

We bundled up and went for a photo shoot. I wore my brand new wellies! They made me feel girly and invincible. I am hoping for (lots of) rain this spring.

Pesto debuted his new rain slicker. I bought it for him at Old Navy for 97 cents! He looked great and it kept him dry.

Surprisingly, the usual cold-sensitive Pargo had so much fun romping in the snow. He looked adoable with snow all over his fuzzy face.

Like I said, it was a sweet little day.


  1. Love the boots and dog! Super cute!!

  2. Aawww... What an cute doggy expression on Pesto and Pargo looks like a cute ewok from Star Wars!

    I hope you get to wear your wellies as often as you wish - but please keep the rain down your way :)

  3. Aww!! Do your little pups get sensitive paws from being out in the snow? I notice that Suki (my mini aussie) will sometimes rear up like she doesn't want to touch the ground anymore.

  4. I went out for a photo shoot too! Too bad I could barely get any good photos of Toby because he was so excited to be out in the snow. Yours look great as always :)

  5. Thanks Maria!

    Intense Guy: I will see what I can do. ;)

    Culinarywannabe: We never keep the pups out for too long, but I have seen Pargo rear up once or twice. These little guys just can't handle the cold.

    You will have to post pictures of Suki on your blog. Maybe have her pose in front of all the delicious food you make!

    Dorkys: It's so hard to photograph pets! It took me forever to get a few decent shots.

  6. We need to figure out some way to mount shovels on their feet so when they walk around, they can clear a path for us. That, or some way to keep them from sinking into the snow. Maybe tying some ping-pong paddles to their feet would work?

  7. Love your Wellies!


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