A Six-Dollar Coat

About a week ago, I was sitting in the office, twirling my thumbs, when the hubster called.

Hubs: Hi. I just sent you an email, did you get it?
Me: Umm...let me check....*hitting send/receive* Nope, not yet.
Hubs: Well, it's a deal for a pea coat. You should get it loh. I almost ordered it for you, but I am not sure about the size.
Me: Okay... *hitting send/receive* Oh, got it now. I will check it out. Thanks! Byeee!

5 minutes later...

Me: Okay, I ordered two! Hope they fit!
Hubs: Cool!

The coats finally arrived yesterday and I wish I had ordered more. Like one in every color.

They are not heavy winter coats, instead, they are light (good for spring/fall) and cute (perfect cut and fit) and super affordable (6 bucks).

I especially like those pockets!

Immediately after I ordered, I twittered about it. One of my fellow twitterers actually jumped on the deal too and got two for herself! Yay!

Thanks hubs + slickdeals!

PS. I will go windex that mirror now.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice words. They are appreciated.

    You look fabulous in that red coat! And what a steal/deal! Your hubby has a good eye for bargains.

  2. hmmm...the problem with slickdeals is that stuff will pop up every now and then that cause you to spend money you would never otherwise spend. then again, $12 bucks for two coats is a no brainer. just doing our part to keep the economy going, until i get laid off anyways... =]

  3. Hi Sugarlens. I don’t know if you’re a fan of “memes,” but I have one for you at my blog! It's not as good a deal as that $6 red coat, but I hope you enjoy it.

  4. What a sweet deal!!!

    That's like the time me and the little sister went bananas at H&M when she had a 75% off (or something else equally crazy to pass up) purchases.

    Thanks for the link to the site! *bookmarked* / rss feeded!

    ryc: ravioli the first time around were fun to make. I made another batch this weekend and maybe it was just that I was getting a little tired, but I didn't have as much interest in it. :( Hopefully it was just temporary - I want to make tons and tons of ravioli and freeze them for meals! :p

  5. $6.00!!!! That's amazing!!! And they're cute!!!

  6. I am SO glad you twittered about those coats. I LOVE mine. The tomato one is super cute, I got that one and the brownie. I wish I would of ordered them all too! How did he find such a deal?? That is cool your hubby told you about them. Thanks again. I love that we are twinners:)

  7. Thanks Intense Guy, I enjoy your blog!

    Culinarywannabe: I know, it was crazy. They actually sold out by the end of the day.

    tired of being tired: Yup, it's all about timing!


    I will get on it....soon!

    Jessica604: I have always heard about H&M being cheap even at regular price, I should go check it out!

    Thanks Heidi! I have been wearing it everyday!

    Maria: Yay for twinners! :)


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