The Second Official Day Of Spring

On the second official day (3/21) of spring, we:

Beautified Our Fish Tank

We have a 55-gallon tank with freshwater fish. We can never seem to keep the plants alive so the tank is always pretty barren. Hubs decided as part of spring cleaning, he would clean the tank from top to bottom and give plants another try.

So we stopped by Petco, bought a couple of plants (jeeze, not cheap), and hubs set it all up once we got home. He scraped the algae, changed the water, and decorated with plants.

Before. A wasteland.

After. Full of life!

Gifted Pesto Big Bird

Poor Pesto. Being the second child, all his toys are hand-me-downs from his older brother.

Until now.

We went to Walmart and while browsing the pet aisle for something else, we found this pet toy for a dollar! Pet toys are notoriously expensive so this was a real steal!

Pesto is starting to grow his adult teeth so he has been chewing a lot lately, including power cords. This Big Bird has many chew-worthy parts that should keep his mouth busy and tail wagging.

He can finally return that smelly old squirrel back to Pargo. :)

Said "Happy Birthday" to My Dad

My dad's birthday was yesterday! He's 70! What a milestone. I wish him many many more healthy years to come!

My brother treated us to Todai, a sushi buffet. The best part of the meal was the mango, green tea, and red bean ice cream at the end.

Then later in the day, we took the boys home and had ice cream cake!

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Thats a wonderful looking fish tank!

    LOL at the big bird. Its bigger than the cute lil' dog!

  2. Oh I've come to understand about the chewing even though this one has a bunch of other things to choose from! He has a similar looking bird thing, but without the cord. And the fish tank looks great!! Hope it stays that way for a good long while.

  3. oh i like how clean and full the fish tank looks in the "after" photo. good job to the hubby!

  4. Holy crap, we did a lot this weekend. The tank didn't really get in that bad of a shape until the tail-end of last year. But it's alive and thriving again. Poor little fishies, glad that tuffed it out for a bit.

    We really lucked out on Big Bird. It was actually missing a price tag and would've easily been over $10. It was part of the ASPCA line so we brought along another one similar to it to the register. But the lady just marked it for $1. Almost as cool as Joyce's $5 wedding dress.

    And finally, the burfday boy. 70 is an insanely high number. I anticipate checking out by 60. But it was good having a big fat sushi lunch and then some ice cream cake to top it all off.

    Oh wait, we did spend Sunday repotting more plants. That was a hell of an endeavor. Joyce will prolly talk about that before she ditches me for Spain. =[

  5. Yay for a clean tank!

    When we had a tank I was just a student so money was tight - you know what worked and grew like crazy? Watercress! I am not kidding!

    I think it grew so well because it basically grows wild out here anyways, plus the batch that we had sprouted roots very well. Try it out!


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