BB Two: Moving On Up!

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While Joyce and I have had no luck in our search for a place to call our own, others in this family have been more fortunate. Case in point, BB Two. Check out the new digs he just moved into today! No longer is he relegated to the shell of a leftover DVD-R cake box, this here is prime real estate baby.

Thanks to Lilo for donating this little wet habitat, BB Two can now swim about freely in his own posh home without the fear of giant sea monsters making a meal out of him. Included are two quality life-like plastic plants, a 360° view of our kitchen, living, and dining rooms, and it's very own activated charcoal filtration system. Oh, and I mustn't forget, the ever present set of 9 white LEDs overlooking the whole tank keeps things nice and bright, even on the darkest of days. His real plant and rock made the move as well, so there are still familiar faces to keep him comfy.

At first, he was a little shy and stayed near his rock. But now he is swimming up and down and all around. Too bad he doesn't have any siblings to keep him company. Then again, it's still amazing that this little guy managed to survive. Look below, he has his mother's fins!


  1. Yeah, Yi-Hsin actually gave us the little tank a few weeks ago, but because it doesn't have a heater, we couldn't move BB Two until the weather gets warmer.

    He's much happier now! I am looking at him as I type and he's just swimming about. No longer just hiding under the rock!

    Thanks hubs for making the move!

  2. Yes, I think BB2 looks like a happy, content, and healthy fish too.

    Love live BB2!


  3. Happy to hear he's adjusting so well. Live it up, fishie!

  4. I hope enjoys his new digs. Looks like he did well in this market. ;)


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