Happy Adopt-versary!

Dear Pargo,

Happy Adopt-versary! Can you believe you have been with us for three years? Time sure went by fast.

When we first met you, you were unsure, scared, helpless, and ridiculously adorable.

Except for the ridiculously adorable part, you have completely transformed! You are now strong, smart, alert, and you love to be with people.

You enjoy the little things in life - sunbathing, barking, snuggling, sleeping, and of course, eating your chicken treats. You are loyal, lovable, and always welcome us home with kisses.

We hope you little antenna will never stop wagging.

Happy 3 years.

- Mom + Dad

Pargo inside his crate, coming home with us. Picture taken exactly three years ago.


  1. Ah yes, Pargo is ridiculously adorable!

    Happy Adoptiverary Pargo!

  2. OMG I could just eat him up!!! So freakin cuuute!

  3. omgod he's SO adorable. OHHHH my gosh. hahahaha!

  4. Happy adopt-versary!


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