When He's Bad, He's REALLY Bad.


  1. Yipers...

    Did you put him on time out?

    This one had the habit of getting mad at me when I'd let him out of his crate every morning to pee and eat while I went right back to bed for another half hour or so. During that time he'd go crazy and pull EVERYTHING out of his crate even the towel.

    So I got him a pad he couldn't pull out and a smaller one to leave outside and he was fine after that. Sort of.

  2. Geeezus H Krist! Just wait till I get home. I'll straighten the lil Monster out. My god, just one hour alone and this is what happens?

  3. Dorkys,

    I put him in the fence for a little bit more than an hour when I went shopping. Came home to the biggest mess ever in my three years of having dogs. I guess we got spoiled with Pargo who is the perfect angel.

    Pesto just likes to be, well, a dog.

    The Enforcer,

    Good thing you weren't home when I found the mess. It would have been bad.

  4. Oh no!!!
    (He sure is cute though)


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