Tracking Our Dollars

Hubs and I are good at paying our bills on time and not carrying any debts. We are good at saving and penny-pinching whenever possible.

But, truthfully, we don't exactly know where we are spending all of our money. Or how much we are really saving. We see our savings accounts grow little by little, but can they be growing faster? We don't spend a lot, but can we be spending less?

My curious mind wants to know!

So for the next month, I am tracking every single purchase, no matter how small. Starting today.

I found this nice template online. Haha, is it too perfect or what? Did they make it just for moi? :) But in reality, I won't use this. I will set up a spreadsheet in Google Docs so I can share and collaborate with hubs.

Tracking our spending line by line will make every single purchase visible and paints a clear picture of where our money is going. After tracking, we should have a good idea of where we could be spending more wisely and how much we are saving.

I shall do a progress check on March 19!

{picture from savvysugar)


  1. How responsible of you! I always try and do this and fall off the bandwagon like 2 hours later. :)

  2. Uh oh, now how we're really gonna see how much this mba program is sucking us dry.

  3. ooohhh nice!! I sooooo need to be responsible and do something like this. I'm always wondering where all the money goes. Probably towards my crazy fast food habit.

    Good luck~!!

  4. This is a great template to follow. I do this all the time, and it's easier than I thought it would be. Every day I only make four or five purchases (i.e., groceries, eating out, coffee, gas, electric bill, etc.), so it's simple to keep track. Good luck!


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