Personal Goals: February Oh-Nine

We survived January!

Admittedly, it was a stressful month. Hubs had classes almost every Saturday and Sunday. We didn't get a single good night sleep with a brand new puppy. The task of finding a new project at work piled on. There were lots of yelling and fuming. Not fun.

I am glad January is over and done.

Confession Time: I didn't do well on my goals for January.

1) Complete my second annual New Year card project. With hubs' swamped with classes early last month, he didn't have time to create an artwork for me this year. I searched online for cute images and spent at least two nights playing, but nothing worked. So I said, forget it. Instead, I spent time with friends and emailed (back and forth) with a couple of out-of-town friends.

2) Try to eat well. We were doing really well until the end of the month when our favorite tiramisu was on sale at the local grocery store. Then hubs birthday cake. Then brownies. Then Lunar New Year.

3) Organize my closet. Accomplished. I have two big bags of clothes ready to be donated. Now what's left in my closet are the pieces I really like.

This month I need to focus on a few things:

1) Spend time wisely. I really enjoy writing and posting on my site almost everyday. I’m hoping to manage my online time better and be a more efficient writer.

2) Try (again) to eat well. Same drill, different month.

3) DONATE the said two big bags of clothes. Salvation Army? Purple Heart? Or the local Unique Thrift Store?

4) Make a nice V-day spread. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but as it falls on a Saturday this year, I plan to make something special at home. Wish me luck!

Hmmm....I think that's all. What are your goals for this short month?


  1. I don't think you did all that poorly - a good dim sum is hard to pass up.

    My goals? I would like to get my shoulder healed and resume walking enough to manage my weight (some). I would also like to find a way to manage my finances to survive in what is a very bad time.

  2. Intense Guy,

    Taking a daily walk will be one of my goals this coming spring. I hope I will be able to achieve that. Good luck with your goals.

  3. Screw the donation, we need those things for rags to clean up after the little monster. One day, one day he'll understand. Going to the bafroom on his little beds is a no no.

    My goal is to get laid off and collect a little severance package. Then sit home all day playing games and petting my dogs. Then clean up for when mommy comes home to yell at me for being a lazy broke bum.

  4. doorag,

    I will say that except for the "get laid off" part, you already accomplished your goal. Good job! =)


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