New Layout

I have been spending an awful lot of time on my blog layout.

I see many good design elements and I can't help but wanting to incorporate all of them into {sugarlens}. The biggest being the two sidebars to the right layout. I find this particular layout somewhat more professional-looking and less-cluttering.

According to Blogger Buster: Three column templates with both sidebars aligned to the right are a good choice for blogs which feature a lot of different content in the sidebars.

While I don't have a lot of different content in the sidebars, I am starting to feature ads. I am not sure if I like them yet. I see many blogs with (excessive) ads and it makes me want to visit them less frequently. Since I only have a small one, I hope my readers won't feel the same way.

However, to make sure the ads don't interfere with my blog design, layout, and content, I feel having two sidebars to the right would help.

So off I went to find a tutorial.

I tried and tried and the darn thing just wouldn't work! Argh!

I went as far as transferring my blog posts to WordPress, thinking that WP offers readily available two sidebars to the right layout options, but gave it up when I realized that, overall, WP isn't as user-friendly and I have zero desire to learn CSS.

So I went back to blogger and fiddled away some more.

Then it just happened. Ta-da! So simple, so straight-forward, so silly that it took me so long.

I am still tweaking - trying to see what other enhancements or widgets that can be add to my brand new side-by-side sidebars, but the overall layout is done.

Visually, I think this new layout is very appealing. What do you think?


  1. I like the layout! I agree that sometimes too many ads can be distracting, but with the double columns they don't take away from the main attraction. I'm technologically challenged and would have no idea how to do anything!

  2. Thanks Culinarywannabe!

    If you are interested, there are tons of tutorials out there. Some are as simple as copy and pasting the codes.

    This site, in particular, is my favorite -

    This link has some useful widgets that can be installed with one single click!

  3. don't like this layout. nope!


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