Jamaica: Bonus Video

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I hope you've enjoyed reading about my Jamaica vacation as much as I've enjoyed writing about it. Although time consuming, it's nice to document our entire trip on {sugarlens}. I know years from now, I will read my posts again and reminisce about the fun we had.

I have a video to share! The previous posts included mostly photos of the scenery, food, hotel, etc, but hardly any of us. So I put together this video of "us" pictures.

*WARNING* - it's a 5-minute long video of me and hubs. I won't be offended if you don't finish.

The music is Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.

Lastly, I want to talk about money. I know money is a touchy subject and most people don't like to disclose how much they pay for such and such. I don't mind, so here is a rough cost breakdown for our 7 nights/8 days vacation:

Airfare - $979
Airport Transfer RT - $80
Hotel - $609
Excursions - $140
Other (food, cab rides, tips, miscellaneous) - ~$300

We spent about $2100 on this trip. Not too bad, considering we went during high season. I am surprised we got by with just $300 for our daily expense for 8 days, but I suppose eating at little roadside mom-and-pop shops helped greatly. Yum, beef patties. Cheap and delicious.

Jamaica was truly a relaxing vacation. Hubs and I had never gone on a vacation where we had so much time to just sit around. I am the type who likes to go go go and see everything, but that was impossible to do (unless we had unlimited funds for excursions) in Jamaica. So instead, we saw the surrounding local area, but other than that, did a whole lot of nothing.

And really, it wasn't too bad! The laid-back island vibe was contagious.

Now that we are busy with our daily lives, I wish we could return to Jamaica this instant - go back to laying on the lounge chair and staring out to the blue blue waters.

Although the world is big and we don't like returning to the same place more than once (with the exception of Disney, of course), I am sure we will have another island vacation in the future. Living on the east coast, it would be a shame not to.

Yah mon. Respect. :)


  1. sigh...wish we were back there, right now...we definitely didn't appreciate it while we were there. now that we're back to the daily grind...sucks...at least we have Pesto!

  2. Wow,nice slideshow Tong, thanks for removing my chubby pics and for using my fav Marley song instead. ^__^


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