Hola España!

Last year, I left hubs and took a solo trip to visit my friend in St. Louis. This year, I am doing the same. Except I am traveling with my mom. And we are going to Spain!

The first and last time I was in Europe was over nine years ago. I was young and clueless. I did it the easy way and joined a tour group. I went to several countries, but looking back, I can't even explain what I saw, experienced, or thought.

This time, I am looking forward in immersing myself in the culture and environment (or as much as I could in 7 short days).

We are splitting our time between Madrid and Barcelona. I don't know much about either cities, to be completely honest. But it they are as amazing as what I've read or heard, I am in for a real treat. I can't wait to wrap my lens around the famous Gaudi architecture!

Spain is actually not on my Places To Go In Europe list (although I am beginning to think it totally should be), but we found a (relatively) good deal that was too silly to pass up. Plus, the dollar is steadily getting stronger since last summer. I just hope it holds up a bit longer.

It's too bad that hubs won't be there to experience it with me (boo), but I am happy about having my mom as my travel partner! It will be her first time in Europe! She is already doing tons of research on her own and she will want to see all the sights, just like me.

50 more days!



  1. Oh lucky girl!! I'd love to visit Spain someday. Sounds like you'll have tons of fun (and you know I'm all for traveling alone).

    P.S. I laughed when I saw your post on my blog roll: we both just titled our recent posts in a foreign language.

  2. I hope you have a great trip and an adventure!

    I've never been to Spain but maybe someday I'll get there!


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