Five Senses Weekend

I thought this would be a fun way to sum up my weekend.

- The movie Role Models. I don't understand how the movie got 7.8 stars on IMDB. I thought it was rather boring!
- My friend Seana. She was visiting from St. Louis.
- A grocery bill that went from $24 to $15 after coupons. Triple coupon rocks!

- The usual hustle and bustle at Great Wall grocery store.
- "Do you have a CVS card?" Yes I do! And because of that, I got some pretty awesome deals.

- A new-to-me spring/summer dress from Anthropologie. My sister-in-law bought a dress that was too long on her, so she gave it to me! The length is perfect on me, but the chest area is a bit too tight. I will probably wear it with a cardigan. My very first Anthro dress! I love the ruffle details. Thanks Emilie!
- Tried on my Infinite dress. Blah! It looks great on infomercial, not so much on me. It's definitely NOT the only dress I will ever need.

- Stinky Pargo. Gave him a much-needed bath.
- Fresh air! Saturday was very nice - I opened all the windows for some breeze.

- Super spicy twice-cooked beef hot pot, yummy salt + pepper shrimps, and delicious tofu + eggplant stir fry. We went out to eat with hubs' side of family in honor of his birthday (on the Lunar calender).
- Mochi! Nom nom nom!
- Homemade chicken pho and rice noodles.

How was your weekend? Ready for a brand new week?

At least it's payday week! :)


  1. Great way to set this up! I like this idea. Of course you're always a lot more organized than I am :)

  2. Thanks D! But I actually stole this idea from someone else! hehe.

  3. Great idea nonetheless. And I need to get in on the coupon thing! Congrats on the Anthro dress :)

  4. A new dress...and from Anthropologie. I love that place!

  5. I know, I am very happy about the dress! Just need to find a cardigan to go with it!


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