If I was to write about every single movie hubs and I watch, my blog would be filled with nothing but movie reviews! Instead, I only post about the movies I enjoy.

Last month, we watched a number of movies, but except for Marley & Me, nothing was blog-worthy.

February is off to a good start - we just finished watching Changeling moments earlier and I am already writing about it. So needless to say, I thought the movie was fantastic - good screenplay, good story, and good acting!

Changeling told a story of a desperate mother (Angelina Jolie) trying to find her mysteriously disappeared son. While she tried to find her son she got entangled to a serious web of police arbitrariness and corruption.

Jolie delivered a powerful performance as Christine Collins, but truly really, all the child actors were amazing, too.

This is not a typical drama, but also a suspense/thriller that had me covering my eyes. It had a few disturbing scenes. The film was super long, clocking in at more than two hours. But to my surprise, the time went by fast. I was totally engrossed with every minute of the movie. Yes, it was that good.

I usually like bubbly movies, such as Bride Wars (which by the way, was not good), but Changeling is the first movie this new year that I would highly recommended without hesitation.

Anyone else love the movie as much as I do?


  1. I haven't seen this one yet since I'm starting to get really selective about what I'll pay 12 bucks to go see. Bride Wars seemed too frivolous and fluffy so that was a definite pass. It does seem like a fun little movie to see with the girls, but it's so expensive around here! That's I chose Slumdog instead :)

  2. Movie was interesting, but frustrating in a way that one wants to reach out and strangle some of the characters. I still think Eastwood's other effort, Gran Torino, was a much better movie, namely because he was in it himself. Though the acting of the asian neighbors was annoying as hell, Eastwood's badassness more than makes up for it. Plus, it was kinda funny! Whereas this Changeling flick was disturbing and gloomy throughout. But both were good movies, that's for sure.


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