A Card For Your Valentine

I will always remember that hubs (then boyfriend) and I exchanged the exact same card on our first Valentine's Day together. We went to two separate Hallmark stores, on two different days, but ended up buying the same card.

We both avoided the loud pink/red V-day section and found the sweet + simple card at the Love section. I picked it because it was cute and light-hearted. On the front, it said, "We Are Good Together" and inside, "And We Look Cute Too". It featured Mickey and Minnie dancing. How fun.

Having gone through five Valentine's Day together now, our conversation went like this last night:

Hubs: No card, no flowers, no nothing this Valentine's Day, right?
Me: No, we will give cards.
Hubs: We are in a recession, no money.
Me: Then make one.
Hubs: No time. Besides, I don't want to make it in front of you, that's no fun.
Me: Hmmm...

Well, to help hubs out, I found this on Creature Comforts. I printed a copy (2 cards per page) on cardstock. One for him to give and one for me to give. You must be thinking, how lame, you will have already seen the card.

But this card is customizable! You fill in the adjective of your choice in the little speech bubble - can be sweet or snarky. So there will be an element of surprise!

I wonder what adjective hubs will pick?

The best part, we will give each other the same V-day card all over again. Okay, I know, not exactly the same.

This card can be used for whoever. Friends, coworkers, neighbors, enemies, or that secret crush. Hope I saved you some pennies this Valentine's Day. :)


  1. More free Valentine downloads here:


    I hope I will remember to look for them right here next year!

  2. Yup, that was the first card alright. And no, we aren't that vain, it was just the right card for the right pair. =]

  3. How sweet...that you got the same card!

    We're not doing much for Valentine's Day either. Oh, money!


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