(Another) Makeover!

As you may have noticed, I have been tinkering with the look of {sugarlens} quite a bit lately. I just can't seem to settle on something that I don't get bored with after two days. Do I want cute and girly? Sophisticated? Modern? Minimalistic? Edgy?

One thing I do know - I want unique.

A couple of days ago, I came across a food blog that has the exact same graphic as my previous header. Bah! Must. Change. Immediately.

So I have been designing my own header from scratch. After many many versions, I finally got it last night! It's simple and clean and I like it! I may keep it...um...for at least two weeks. :) I found the light gray grid background on COLOURlovers. There are lots of palettes and patterns for inspiration.

Besides the overall design of my blog, I have also been making less-noticeable enhancements, such as highlighting author comments, which is really neat and makes me want to leave comments to myself!

I am going to leave my blog design alone for now. I think I have wasted enough time on it...


  1. I'm like that with my blog as well. I get bored with the look VERY easily. I love minimalistic designs though. Yours is really cute.

  2. I'd like to play around with new designs (I always love yours, btw), but I'm terrified that I'll accidentally delete my whole blog! I've heard a couple horror stories. So I just leave it.

  3. Thanks Inga!


    Same here. That's why I always backup my template before I start playing. There is an option on Blogger.

  4. Oh, you didn't tell me that the other banner was being used elsewhere as well. In that case, change away!

  5. hey! I didn't see your reply until now, but I JUST backed my blog up right before popping in for a visit. Now I can breathe a little easier knowing I can't lose everything I've done so far :)

  6. I like it a lot!! I'm so inept when it comes to that kind of thing. I get my husband to do all computer designy things. I'm really that stupid.


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