Road to Pesto: The Big Reveal

Hey! This is Pesto. He's new around here. We just got him yesterday!

Pesto is a long coat chihuahua, born on 9/9/08. That's right! On our first wedding anniversary! Meant to be? We think so.

He's about the size of Pargo, as far as length and height. However, he's definitely meatier and has a very round belly! Therefore, once he's full grown, he will be about 5.5 lbs.

Currently, he's just shy of 4 months old and still very much a puppy. He jumps, he chews, he whines, he likes to bury his nose when he sleeps. And he's already growing on us.

Pesto will be a handful. First up is potty training and then the basic commands. He doesn't even know how to walk on leash yet. Oy.

However, it will also be a lot of fun. Pesto is very goofy and curious. He likes to play with his new favorite toy - a beanie football. He's also very independent and doesn't take things seriously. We discipline him, but he bounces right back, tail wagging. Last night, he slept all by himself in the crate. And he was cool with that.

I just hope that Pargo warms up to his little brother soon.

I love my little family of four!


  1. why are there black rims around his eyes? can u post more pics?

  2. That's just the color of his fur, not dark eye circles or anything.

    I will surely post more pictures soon.. Pargo is still adjusting.

  3. Pesto rocks, he's like a little rocket and bounces all over the place, which is impressive considering he can't even really use his leg muscles properly yet. But he tries. Now if only we could get Pargo to warm up to the little guy. Oh, and potty trained as well, but that'll take time.


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