Pesto...In Actions!

I took this picture of my little boy against our red couch the other day using my new lens.

Not too shabby, right? The picture is sharp with a little bit of softness. I like.

But, to learn how make it even better, read on!

Actions are a series of saved Photoshop commands that you can apply to your pictures with one click. I blogged about this before.

I have since then found a lot more actions - my favorites are from Pioneer Woman Action Set 1 and Pioneer Woman Action Set 2. Ree Drummond has created two sets of convenient actions for free. They are awesome and I apply them to nearly all my photos.

The above picture is straight from the camera and here is a sample of what actions can do. All with a single click. Eeeee!

My favorites are Seventies, Colorized, and Boost.

I am not embarrassed to admit that these turn out much better than when I tried to edit a picture of Pargo manually. :-P

Hope this helps give your pictures that little extra oomph!


  1. eh? I like fresh & colorful the most. even tho it makes Pesto look browner than he really is, I still like it.

  2. With a subject this adorable - any picture of Pesto is a good one!

    Such a cutey-pie!!


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