Personal Goals: January Oh-Nine

I am not a disciplined and focused person.

I’m more of an all-over-the-place person. I lose interests almost as fast as I find interests.

For example, before the holidays, I had a sudden urge in learning to crochet. I checked out books. I talked to co-worker and she even gifted me her used hooks. The hubs bought me yarn. What has happened since then? Absolutely nothing. The interest disappeared so fast that I didn't even get a chance to blog about it.

So, I think that if I don't start practicing self-discipline, I will find myself 5 years down the track, thinking, “Eh? Where did my life go? What did I do with my time?”

This year, I am setting monthly personal goals.

I am not sure if there are any differences between goals and resolutions. I don't set resolutions because I break them by February. Specific monthly personal goals are more achievable and less likely for me to break. And writing them down on my blog will keep me accountable.

My goals for January 2009 are very simple.

1) Complete my second annual New Year card project.
Since I no longer have my Gocco, I will have to find an alternative in making this year's cards. It may not be as fancy, but either way, I want to send them out by 1/23, before Lunar New Year.

2) Try to eat well.
More veggies and fruits in my diet. Cook healthier. Less oil. Restrict sweets for the hubs (because if I don't, he most definitely won't either).

3) Organize my closet.
I have been saying this for months. Enough talking. I am just going to do it!

I think three goals are plenty for this cold dreary month. Depending on how I do, I will challenge myself more next month.

Some of my goals may dupliate my 1001 Day Project. Yes, I know that's cheating.


  1. I hope you do well with your goals. They sound very practical and helpful too.

  2. I think goals are maybe wiser than resolutions. Resolutions always seem like this lofty unattainable thing, but goals are just what you put in front of you. Anyway...I'm rambling here.
    I thought about taking up knitting. Let me know how it goes with the crocheting if you get to it. :)

  3. I just want to make it through January. Taking a winter semester class at the same time as the spring ones may not have been a good idea.

  4. Intense Guy,

    Thanks, I hope I do well too. But already, I think I may have trouble achieving #1.


    I will! I haven't completely given up on crocheting yet.

    Smith Sucks,

    You and me both.


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