Jamaica: Just Another Beach

Negril's Seven Mile Beach is considered one of the World's Sexiest Beaches. It is known for calm and warm waters. I don't know about the sexy part, but the clean aquamarine ocean is certainly very inviting.

We went to the beach twice.

The first time we picked a less crowded area (before all the waterfront hotels and restaurants), laid out our towels, swam/played in the ocean, and worked on our tan. Unlike the rough waters by the cliffs, the beach has perfectly calm water. Since I am not the best swimmer (ok, I am not good at all), the beach suited me a lot better.

Because we didn't do much exploring of the seven-mile stretch the first time, we went back again early one morning. This time, we walked barefoot along the beach. The sand has a perfect walking surface at the waterline.

During the course of our walk, we perfected the art of saying "no, thank you" and shaking hands. Every 20 feet or so, we were approached by people offering us stuff (hair-braiding, trinkets, ganja, tours). And each time, we shook hands first. This is the one thing I didn't like about walking on the beach - getting hassled. However, we always politely said no and they never pressured further. Save for the lady who rubbed aloe on me.

Besides that, we enjoyed our morning walk.

But, we concluded that it's just another beach and glad that we picked the West End to spend most of our time.

We didn't go to the beach at night - but supposedly it gets pretty wild with parties, booze, and reggae.



  1. Yeah, nice beach, but if you've seen one Caribbean beach, you've seen them all. At least that's the conclusion we can draw from the ones we've been to so far. Not knocking them by any means, still would much rather be down there than here in frigid DC. Just not much to say about em.

  2. That's not true at all - not all the beaches in the Caribbean are the same. Even around Jamaica alone, beaches are totally different.


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