Jamaica: The Ins and Outs Of The West End, Part II

On the West End, cliff diving is something of a local sport. It's a quick way into the clear water. And to put in plainly, it looks so cool.

So...the moment of truth. Did I jump the cliffs?

(please excuse my rear end)

Hell no. I am a chicken.

Actually, I did "jump" off a boat when we went on a snorkeling excursion. I drank a mouthful of salt water.

But check out hubs! He's the gutsy one.

He first practiced jumping off from the ladder, then from the lower platform, and then eventually the higher one, which we think it is about 20 feet high. For every jump, I stood far away with the big camera to my face, taking pictures of every second. We are dorks.

I am glad I got some very good ones of hubs in action!

Sunset is extremely good in Negril, as it is Jamaica's western point. So every night after dinner, the hubs and I sat by the cliffs to watch the sun set for another day. Most people go to cliff-side bars and restaurants to watch the sunset, but we found a quieter spot that often we were the only ones there!

We took (way to many) photos. They all look more or less like this one.

Here is us enjoying the sunset.

Sigh. Good days.


  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! And the weather looks so nice and warm! Unlike how it is here (near Philadelphia, PA) today!

    I'd rather be there! Looks like you had a very nice time.

  2. Man, I really let myself go on this trip. Then again, who really needs to shower and shave when you spend all day swimming in the ocean? Now if only I could get an ocean cliff installed in the backyard, I'd be all set.

  3. Beautiful photos. That sunset and ocean are absolutely breathtaking.

  4. The bottom shot of you two is just adorable! And I'm loving the ocean and beaches. Can't wait for summer!

  5. Great photos, thanks for sharing. Negril sunset shots are the best! Glad you got to share one here. http://things-to-do-in-jamaica.com/


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