Jamaica: Excursion #2 Famous Vincent Glass Bottom Boat

While snorkeling was already good right by the cliffs outside of our hotel, we decided to take a boat excursion for more snorkeling adventure.

There are plenty of freelance boat operators in Negril - they drive their boats along the cliffs until they find customers. I read about Famous Vincent while reasearching online back home, so one morning when we saw his boat, we waved him down. Fare was negotiable. We paid $20 pp.

We headed to the open sea - past the cliffs, past the Seven Mile Beach, to the middle of nowhere. The water was blue and very clean. As our boat sped forward, from the glass bottom, I saw tiny fish and huge starfish.

After roughly 25 minutes of getting our faces splashed with saltwater, we arrived to our snorkel site. Vincent, along with his helper, made sure that we all knew how to snorkel and had the proper gear. After a brief lecture on "look don't touch" and safety, we were ready to be released.

The waves were strong. The first thing we had to do was "jump" down from the boat to get in the water (there were no steps). Right off the bat, I drank a mouthful of water. Fortunately, it was smooth sailing after that.

The hubs and I snorkeled side by side, pointing like little kids at the fishes we like. We stayed near the boat, but even with that we saw TONS of colorful fish and marine life! We ooooh-ed and ahhhhh-ed (in our heads) and snorkeled happily for 45 minutes before it was time to go.

I went back on the boat a few minutes earlier to take some pictures, such as this one of a man and his boat in Jamaica colors.

Famous Vincent was worth every penny because 1) we scored a 2 for 1 deal (a glass bottom boat is typically a tour of its own), 2) we got to snorkel in the middle of the ocean (new experience for us!), and 3) we saw the cliffs from a different perspective during the ride.

It was a fun morning!


  1. Wow!! This looks and sounds amazing and look how relaxed and happy you guys look!!

  2. This was a great little getaway for a few hours. I learned that we really need to get some sort of casing to take our digicam underwater. And another thing is I don't like swimming with flippers. But it was great seeing so many fishies down there!

  3. I agree with Heidi! It's nice to see happy smiling faces of people enjoying themselves!

    This snorkling trip looks like something I'd love to do!

    p.s., I loved the Cable Car Museum in SF! I spent the whole day riding each and every foot of the exisitng cable car runs and thorough enjoyed myself!


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