Jamaica: The Ins and Outs Of The West End, Part I

Negril is split between the beach and the cliffs (West End). Although only minutes apart, it is a world of difference. The beach area is action-packed and, well, just another beach. The West End is the exact opposite - quieter and more scenic. It's not shocking that we favor the cliffs much more - just look at that turquoise blue sea! It was love at first sight.

Some hotels on the West End (ours included) have their own private access to the sea for swimming and snorkeling. *swoon*

Almost every day, the hubs and I laid out by the cliffs, snorkeled, and had a load of fun. We saw so many colorful saltwater fishes!

The hubs snorkeling. There are coral reefs right outside of our hotel.

I never got tired of taking pictures of the cliffs and the sea.

Besides the awesome view, the West End is really a sleepy little place when compared to the beach area. It begins at the center of town and meanders along the cliffs for a couple of miles. The winding road twists and turns and it is extremely unsafe to walk on, but the hubs and I did it. We live dangerously. :) Along the way, we saw hotels that we had considered while researching, jerk shacks, craft shops, etc.

The photo below is of me walking on a sidewalk. But don't be fooled, the sidewalk does not continue for long. Ninety-nine percent of the road is without sidewalks. In addition to the absurdly crazy drivers and the constant honking, I do not recommend walking! We only walked once to say that we did it, but for the rest of the time, we took cabs.

Near the end of the road is Negril Point Lighthouse, standing 100 feet above sea level at Jamaica's westernmost tip. We decided to walk to the Lighthouse on the last day of our trip. Surprisingly, it was only a short 30-minute walk.

Although nothing spectacular, I am glad we saw the lighthouse. We did something that most tourists overlook.

Up next: find out if I jumped the cliffs!


  1. wow the water looks amazing

  2. Oh what I would give to be in Jamaica right now. It's cold and rainy here in Oregon right now.

  3. That blue water looks so inviting! And OMG Pesto is so cute!! I've always liked long haired chihuahuas (in white or off white). They remind me of mini versions of my dog. :)

  4. Other than being served up as a Chinese buffet every night for the local mosquitoes to dine on, this trip was really fun and relaxing. Oh yeah, mustn't leave out the damn jelly fish stings on the last few days either. Despite those, this was a good getaway. And I really could use a beef patty right now...

  5. STUNning! Wow. I am now officially itchin' for a vacation somewhere warm...

  6. Ummm...amazing! I think I hate you a little. Alright, not hate. But envy. I really envy you.

  7. Water is amazing in Negril. Btw, saw photo of hubby jump from Rick's Cafe - awesome job! Nice overview - good write up of Negril. http://things-to-do-in-jamaica.com/


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