The Hubs Went Over-Budget

As the title indicated, the hubs did not abide to the $25 gift rule. In fact, he went more than a tad over.

But hey, no complaints from me!

This little pendant came wrapped in the famous blue box. Hubs said he noticed the necklace a long time ago, but was waiting for the perfect occasion to buy it for me. Since we were finally getting Pesto (he's here with us now!), the time was as good as any. So he went for it. What a nice surprise! And what a perfect match that the collar we long ago picked up for Pesto is green, too. I will be wearing this necklace often. :)

It didn't stop there. Hubs also got a new lens for our dSLR! Oh, I love my new lens. It's really the ultimate all-in-one zoom lens (18-270mm!). Now I can keep one lens on the entire time as oppose to switching back and forth between my two older ones. It make taking photos that much easier and better. This means the new year will bring lots of photographs! As if 2008 was lacking any to begin with... ha!

So as you can see, I made out like a bandit this Christmas! :) Thanks ahbow!

What were my presents to the hubs?

I am a woman of my word. Wall-E on Blu-ray and pajama pants from Old Navy. Both together for just under $25.


  1. Nice gifts!! Welcome back. Happy New Year to you!

  2. The Tamron was a gift for myself as well. While the overall quality of our two separate lenses is supposed to be superior to these super-zoom lenses, to our untrained eye, there's hardly any difference. The focus is a little slower and the barrel doesn't rotate as smoothly yet, but the convenience of one lens can't be beat!

  3. Oh my. I am drooling over your new lens! Lucky, lucky!

    We also had a budget but really did our best to stick to it. I went over it, but that's because I have a serious shopping problem. Even when I'm not shopping for myself. ;)


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