I Like Blogs: How About Orange

One of my all-time favorite blog to visit is How About Orange. The owner/designer, Jess, is quirky and fun. I love her writing style!

Much like Free Design Goodies, Jess scouts the Internet for free, pretty, and useful downloads such as greeting cards, gift tags, note cards, and more. Aside from that, her website has easy tutorials and all sort of other neat resources.

I am a fan.

Hubs birthday is coming up. I am not feeling creative lately so I am not up for making a card from scratch.

While there's always Hallmark, their cards can be pricey. And besides, it's what's written inside that counts anyway, right?

So I turned to How About Orange for ideas.

I hit jackpot with this.

I also found a couple more templates that I am bookmarking for the future, when the occasion is right.

Tree Greeting Card
Self-Mailing Note Card
5.75" x 4.5" Envelope Template


  1. Burfday!? I'm having anudder one awready? So old...bones achey...can't type anymore...

  2. Oh, I love these envelopes. I like colorful print like that.


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