Goodbye, Bunny.

We were just starting to get over Miracle but tragedy continued.

We have another casualty in the tank and, this time, the victim is Bunny.

It all started yesterday afternoon.

We don't know exactly what happened - by the time hubs saw her, she was badly injured, with nicks all over her body. Hubs did see tC (the blue cichlid) nipping Bunny on her mouth.

Hubs quickly put Bunny inside a separate container to let her rest and hopefully recover.

Meanwhile, we saw the two male cichlids fighting (pictured on the right - they fight by locking lips). Since Bunny and Easter grew up together, we assumed that he was taking revenge for what happened to Bunny. We didn't pay much attention to them.

When we went back to check on Bunny hours later, we saw little eggs all around her! Apparently, she had been spitting out eggs from her mouth one by one. Usually she would keep them in her mouth until they hatch, but I guess she needed to breath.

There was nothing we could do, so we went to sleep.

This morning we found Bunny passed away with 70+ eggs surrounding her. :( What a trooper for still delivering her babies while she was obviously dying. I am more amazed that she had all those eggs in her tiny mouth - I really have no idea where she had room to keep them all.

We buried Bunny in one of Luke's plants (a tree that has been with hubs since college) so she will be with us in spirits forever. Much like what we did with Miracle. RIP, Bunny.

As for the eggs, they are still in the container, inside the tank. There are ways to keep them alive and help them hatch at this critical stage, even without the female, such as tumbling.

Basically the eggs need oxygen - without it, they will become fungus and rot. Yikes.

Hopefully hubs will be able to work his magic.

To be continued....(crossing my fingers and toes)

Update (1/25/09): My in-house fish breeder came home from a long day of classes and got to work. Now the eggs gently tumble in the container with a little help from the air filter, which is exactly what they need to survive.


  1. So sorry to hear you've lost another one :(

    Rest in peace bunny and here's hoping each of those strong little ones make it through.

  2. Strange how these guys can't get along in a giant 55g tank. Their war has already caused the demise of all the plants and one baby. Now the mommy is gone and the eggs have a very very low chance of making it through. Now these two guys have nothing left to do but kill eachother, which may not be a bad thing for the rest of the tank community.


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