Jamaica: Excursion #1 Mayfield Falls

We didn't want to spend a fortune on excursions, but didn't want to not go on any either. So in the end, we picked a half-day excursion for $50/pp.

We enlisted the service of Clive's Transport. As luck would have it, we got a very knowledge guide - Clive himself! Clive has a small business of six drivers, but on that day, all the drivers were busy. Imagine our surprise when he pulled up in his own personal car - it was a tour for two! :)

First stop was Savanna-la-Mar. The little town is a real local neighborhood, no tourists around. Its main street, Great George Street, ends at a fruit and vegetable market. We went on the excursion at the end of our vacation and was dying to sample some fresh fruits (highly talked about in my tour book). Clive dropped us off and off we went to explore the market.

All the vendors sold more or less the same things. This one particular vendor was especially good at attracting our attention so we bought a couple of papayas from him. He even cleaned them for us, in which we gave him a nice tip in return. Man, the papayas were so sweet and delicious. Much better than any papayas I had ever tasted back home.

We walked around the market a bit more, but left pretty quickly. Overall, it was great seeing where the locals shop and mingle.

Our next stop was Riverwalk at Mayfield Falls, which offered a walk through cool water with swimming holes and caves.

To get there, we went into the mountains, passing through beautiful and largely undeveloped countryside.

Once we were there, we crossed a bamboo bridge and followed a nature trail to the front desk.

Our private guide (not Clive) at Mayfield Falls was engaging and entertaining. He knew all the nooks and secret spots of the river. For examples, he showed us where we can go behind falls, a deep pool where you can jump in, and a spot where you can dive under water and swim through a tunnel in the rock to come out on the other side.

The river is narrow and sheltered by tall trees as the photo shows. We literally walked through it.

Our tour guide took pictures of us along the way.

Getting massaged by very powerful rushing natural-spring water. Sort of Jacuzzi-like.

At the end of the tour, we got soaked!

I am so glad we broke our daily routine of beach and cliffs to experience the falls! It was worth the price.

Not included in the tour package was lunch. However, Clive treated us to a simple lunch of beef patties in Savanna-la-Mar on the way back. I think it was because him and Luke got along so well. The two of them never stopped yapping.

After Clive dropped us back at the hotel, we took a shower and a long nap.

We recommend:

1. Clive Transport Service Jamaica for your excursions. We also used them for airport/hotel transfers. They did not disappoint. Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.

2. Water shoes. They are a MUST to walk the Mayfield Falls.


  1. hmmm...never hiked up a river before. I mean, hiked up a river from within the river. Definitely a fun experience, especially swimming through the underwater tunnel and sitting under the falls. Not so keen on those pics tho, damn I'm a fat slob.

  2. You are not a fat slob babes! Besides, you can't see anything from those pictures anyway.

    I miss Jamaica.


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