Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dim Sum With Friends

I went to Mark's Duck House with friends today. This place serves the best dim sum in town, in authentic style with push carts.

We had a feast that included all the usual goodies: shrimp dumplings, shrimp & pork shiu mai, shrimped-stuffed jalapeno pepper, fried shrimp in seaweed wrap, fried imitation crabmeat & shrimp roll, shrimp and garlic chives dumplings, sticky rice, sauteed baby bok choy, and fried sesame balls. Whew.

All in all, I just wanted something exploding with salt, dripping with oil and glistening with sauce!

Everything was delicious as usual.

My friends and I chatted nonstop. We learned Meredith recently received a hefty raise at work. We congratulated Irena again on her engagement. Tiffany filled us in on her boys' obsession with Thomas. I told them about my crazy life with two dogs. It was soooo good to catch-up.

On the way out, we bumped into an old friend of ours from college! We made plans to meet up with her next time.

Ah, I was in need of some girl talk. And I got just that.

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  1. Hmph! Again, this is what I miss out on when I'm stuck in classes all Saturdays. Oh well, Joyce needs her alone time away from me and the boys. But maybe she'll take us out someday...