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2009 In Review

dec. daily {no.29}: Hello Again

dec. daily {no.20}: big white beautiful mess

dec. daily {no. 19}: Oh the weather outside is frightful,

dec. daily {no.16}: thankful

dec. daily {no.13}: snip snip

dec. daily {no.12}: give

dec. daily {no.8}: here fishy fishy

dec. daily {no.5}: treat

dec. daily {no.4}: wish

dec. daily {no.3}: greet

dec. daily {no.2}: sweet

dec. daily {no.1}: tunes

Baby Purchases, Round I

It's that time of the year...

Making Baby A, Week 22: She Kicks!

Up + Monsters, Inc = Happy Hubs

Making Baby A, Week 21: First Belly Pic!

$1 ON Scarves

Pargo Turns FOUR!

Lavender Moon Cupcakery

Making Baby A, Week 20: The Anatomy Scan

Making Baby A, Week 19: She's a Girl!

Shopping For Maternity Wear

Making Baby A, Week 18: Weight Gain

Making Baby A, Week 17: Maternity Leave

Baby Shower @ The Ritz

Hip Hip Hooray

Spring Planting: We Got One!

Disney 2009: For the Last Time (at MK)

Making Baby A, Week 16: Baby Brain

Opinions Wanted: Name

Making Baby A, Week 15: A Little Announcement


Weekend Summary Sept 18-20

Making Baby A, Week 14: First Baby Purchase

Disney 2009: We go to Hollywood!

Birthday No. 3x

Disney 2009: lions, tigers, but no bears

Happy Birthday, Pesto!

Disney 2009: The Grub