Road to Pesto: Say Tease!

What's this, you ask? Well, this little fuzz may be joining the fam early next year!

The hubs and I ventured to Potomac MD this weekend to meet this puppy. He's tiny, cute, and all around irresistible. We wanted to put him in our pockets and take him home right then and there.

But, we (or rather Pargo) need to pass a test first.

The breeders will bring the puppy to our place to meet Pargo in two weeks for a house visit. The purpose of the visit is to see how Pargo reacts to the little guy. If Pargo plays nice, then the puppy is ours! If not, then we probably won't ever think about getting another dog as long as we have Pargo.

Just a side note: Responsible breeders are very careful about where they place their puppies. They don't want their puppies to get picked on and/or left out - both very possible when adding a second dog to the family. (of course we will love both dogs equally, though!)

For the next two weeks, I am putting Pargo through a rigorous Manners 101 course. By the time I am done with him, he's going to be a super polite doggy when we have our guests!

Keep your fingers crossed for us! I will update again after the house visit.

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  1. Gonna be a full house soon! Just need Pargo and Pesto to get along when they come down for the personality test. We seriously looked through the local pet adoption doggies, but they were all too big for Pargo. Plus, it was already hard enough getting a puppy house trained, we have no idea how it could be done with an adult.

  2. Aww good luck! Can't wait to meet the little guy!


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