So Trendy!

The hubs and I joined two of his former co-workers for lunch at P.F. Chang's last weekend. The wives did not come so it was just me versus the boys.

We ordered four entrees to share - Mu Shu Pork, Orange Peel Beef, Coconut Curry Vegetables, and Cantonese Chow Fun. I really liked the coconut curry dish, which was surprising because I typically shy away from anything coconut-y. Mmm...the tofu was cooked to perfection.

Other than that, the food was mediocre at best.

I don't like the Asian Fusion trend.

The best part of the meal came in the end. Mini desserts! They were delicately presented in these tall shot glasses. Too pretty to eat! Trendy, too! The guys humored me as I gathered the desserts for a group picture. I had the red velvet. It was velvety gooooood!

I left the restaurant satisfied. I had a good time - didn't mind being the only girl present at all.


  1. Hmph, took you long enough to fix the commenting system. But yes, we had a busy Saturday morning. First the Bolt movie, then lunch with buddies. Joyce is much harder to please, but I found my orange beef to be pretty damn yummy. Then again, I like all fried stuff covered in some sweet glaze. Maybe that's why I'm fat? Or it may be because of all the desserts and chocolate I've been eating lately? Then again, you only live once. Better to die fat and happy than skinny and hungry. =] Yeah, that sounds about right!


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