Presents Under The Tree

This year, the hubs and I agreed to cap Christmas gift(s) for one another at $25 each. Neither one of us needs anything, yet I still like the idea of presents under the tree. Something to wrap and something to open. After all, it's the holidays!

This morning I went to the mall. I expected the place to be packed with shoppers, but surprisingly, it wasn't at all. And, omg, the news was right - the sales were phenomenal. All the stores offered some sort of ridiculous discount, often seen AFTER Christmas. Despite the good deals, I left the mall empty-handed.

I got in my car and drove to Old Navy. When I walked in, a sales associated handed me a coupon - $5 off of anything. Sweet! I found a present for both Pargo and hubs within minutes. I even got two new sit-around pants for myself. All for a grand total of practically nothing. Ah, I can always count on ON.

Came home, wrapped* the presents (with a little dog running in circles around me), put them under the tree, and snapped a gazillion photos. Pictures of the presents, presents and tree, Pargo and presents, Pargo and presents and tree. And finally, I got something satisfactory (picture above).

And with that, it's a wrap (pun intended) on Christmas shopping for me!

*I want to mention that this year, we used newspaper (the comics section, to be exact) to wrap the presents. Not only it looks cute, but we are also doing our part in saving Planet Earth.


  1. Don't you love it when you find the right thing and for a few dollars off? Things like that just make my day.

  2. Ah! what a sweet picture of a cute little doggy!!


  3. Wow, did you drug our son in order to get him to stand still for that picture? I know his soon to be little brother will be nothing but white blurs on future pics.

    Xmas shopping was easy for me this year. Only had to goto one shop for everything. =] In and out in under 30 mins but with a skinnier wallet. But I dunno about sales tho. Good PS3 games are still sitting around the same prices. Guess I'll just have to wait a year or so for the usual price drops.


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