Oh (National) Christmas Tree

The weather called for freezing rain and sleet, but it turned out to be a nice (chilly) day. So today around noon time, we decided to make a trip to see the National Christmas Tree. Going to see the tree has become an annual traditional for us. This year, hubs' sister, Emilie, joined us.

Although most people would say the decoration for the National Tree is nothing spectacular, I like it. I also like the smaller Christmas trees representing various states and U.S. territories around it. I don't get tired of seeing them every year. It gets me in the holiday spririt.

We took lots of silly photos. Too many to post here. But, the picture of Emilie + Pargo below is one of my favorites from the day. Pargo wore his new shirt, but it didn't help him stay warm. He sure looked adorable, though.

After thirty minutes of walking around, my face was frozen. I couldn't even smile anymore! We got into the toasty car and called it a day.

I can't believe 2008 is over. What will oh-nine bring?


  1. So cold, that's all I remember. Crowds, trees, fire pit, and cold. So cold....Jamaica neh?!


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