Oh Christmas Tree

The Friday morning after Thanksgiving, we continued our annual tradition and put up our Christmas tree!

We hauled the boxes from storage, unwrapped the ornaments, and decorated the tree together.

Our little tree is lovely...and fake. Before you say cheesy, let me explain. As endearing as going to a farm and cutting down our own tree sounds, we really don't see the reasoning behind letting something grow for YEARS and then cutting it down only to display it for a couple of weeks. Besides, by going the fake route, we get to use this little tree for decades to come!

I look forward in plugging in the lights every evening and what an instant mood enhancer! The sight of our Disney-themed tree all lit up brings a little bit of holiday cheer to our place. :) And I, for one, need a bit of holiday cheer so I can keep truckin' along at work for the rest of the year.

And Pargo, he's so good! Even though some ornaments are hanging low and he can easily nip at the tree, my boy doesn't mess with it at all. What a angel.

Have you decked your halls yet?


  1. having been sick the past few days (sick like puking and cold sweats), I can honestly say, walking by the warm yellow glow of our little tree took the aches away. even if only for a few seconds, it was nice.

    I've only ever had fake trees in my life so I really don't know better. I'm sure there are pros and cons to both. maybe one day we'll get a real big fir for the holidays, but until then, I'm more than content with this little guy. even then though, we'll still put up this little fella somewhere in the house. just need to get a house first...

  2. Oh...lovely!
    We have decorated our house and we'll be putting up the tree this weekend I think. It's all dependent on weather. It freakin' rains a lot around here.


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