Dear Santa

by Pargo
Just the other day, mom told me that Santa asked for my Christmas wish list. Honestly, I don't need anything other than my family, roasted chicken, and peace on earth, but since the big jolly guy asked, why not?!

Dear Santa, I want a new bed. I know dad got me one earlier this year, but I want a fancier one. And really, I want a new one to replace the old stinky one, which I think is just a regular cushion pillow with no support whatsoever that dad used for himself before they had me. You can see a picture of the bed here. Mom and dad just covers it with a blanky. Bah! So ugly!
This one, from LL Bean, caught my eyes. Ohhh, it's so nice looking! According to the description online, this bed is as comfortable as it is durable. The mattress has thick cushioning with a supporting nesting area! And at $59, it really isn't wallet-breaking. And it comes with a lifetime warranty. And the smallest size is big enough for me and the new puppy (I got my paws crossed that he will be here next year) to share.

So how 'bout it, Santa? I have been a really good boy this year - even mom said it herself.

I look forward in seeing your coming down the chimney (I won't bark, I promise) and this bed under the tree. I will have kibbles and water waiting for you. Thanks you!

xoxo, P

PS. I know you are busy with a mile-long shopping list for other doggies, so to make it easier on you, just click here to purchase! I like it in Burlap, please.


  1. Oh my ex bought this one for his golden retriever last Christmas and she loved it! The little chihuahua would sneak onto it every chance she got too. Good choice!

  2. "Small 20" x 25". For smaller dogs or cats."

    No way, too big for our little guy. Oh, and way too EXPENSIVE! We could buy the WalMart one 4 times over. Then again, it is a Beanie and we sure do love our Beanie products. Still, we're in a recession now. So even Pargo must make some sacrifices this holiday season.

  3. As long as it is not too small, I think it's fine. Besides, this way if Pesto and Pargo want to have their own space but still be on the bed, they can. Yup.


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