Keep Your Fur Babies Healthy For Less

I remember the first time we took Pargo to the vet. It was his first puppy exam - the nice doctor chatted with us while checked Pargo's eyes and ears. I remember her asking if we wanted to buy heartworm and flea medicine.

Being new dog owners, Luke and I innocently nodded yes. We wanted our puppy to be healthy!

Shortly, we found ourselves in front of the cash register, paying a $200 vet bill. Ouch.

I looked at the bill more carefully when I got home and found out that the heartworm medicine was $50 and flea medicine was more than $80! I soon realized that I probably could've bought the medicines online for half the cost.

I was almost right. I could've gotten them for at least a 30% discount.

I chalked up to lesson learned and never bought anything from the vet again.

Today I found a $20 off coupon for Using "creative" ordering, I got a year supply of heartworm medicine for less than $20 shipped. That's a 60% saving from the $50 I paid years prior!

The coupon code is 420RX. I don't know when it expires so take advantage of it now. It appears that the coupon is only good for medications, though. Read the entire thread here.


  1. yes, parenthood is tough. maybe we should get doggy insurance?

  2. Maybe. I will look into it if we get Pesto. I heard that it's only worth it for the first year when they need a lot of puppy shots.


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