Christmas Cactus

Many many moons ago, a friend gave me a small baby Christmas cactus that came in a plastic square container. She probably thought I couldn't keep it alive past January. I thought the same.

Well, I proved both of us wrong!

SEVEN years later and counting, the cactus has morphed into something healthier and bigger! Under Luke's care, of course. :P

And every year, around this time, the cactus blooms red flowers. Just in time for the holidays, just when we need a splash of color around the house.

This year, it's blooming extra bright. I think it's because of Miracle.


  1. :) I think you are right - Miracle is still around sharing your world and making it beautiful.

  2. yup, his soul is long gone, but his shell continues to live on within the soil and stems and blossoms of this little plant. merry xmas Miracle.

  3. Oh I just realized you changed the picture for this post. I think this shot is beautiful.

  4. Intense Guy - I agree!

    Gone Fishing - yup, Merry Xmas Miracle.

    Dorkys - Thanks! That was a bad picture before and I couldn't stand it.

  5. No way! you guys are so amazing with plants! Dan and I recently gave away or killed our last cacti and plants we got when first married,even the lucky bamboo Fei gave my sister before her surgery in 2005, but I bought the kids a Chia herb garden for Christmas, which we played with and planted together. I think it's going to grow... Have a fabulous time in Jamaica. Happy New Year!


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