Christmas 2008 Festivities

Since the hubs and I won't be here for the actual Christmas Day, we have been spending time with both sides of our family the past few days.

Couple of days ago, we had dinner at hubs' parents' house. It was a small gathering - 5 adults. His mom made a fantastic spread including stir-fry rice noodles (沙河粉), char siu (yum, home-made!), veggies, and bean soup. For dessert, it was key lime pie with whipped cream. I skipped and nibbled on grapes instead. It was cozy and relaxing. Pargo lucked out and had four pieces of wing tips!

Last night, we went to my parents' house for dinner. We had 8 adults this time. My mom made roasted chicken (the meat was so tender after FOUR hours in the oven!), sticky rice, rice vermicelli (米粉), oyster mushrooms (hubs' favorite!), char siu (what a treat to have char siu twice in a week), a couple of veggie dishes, and duck + sour cabbage soup. We had grass jelly for dessert (it was eh, but interesting) and the hubs ate way. too. much. chocolates. A candy apple was cut and served, too.

Despite the overload of sweets, my strong willpower prevailed and I had none of it.

And of course, Pargo loved all the attention (and treats).

Tonight, Christmas Eve, we will go to my parents' house again for a quick dinner. Our fridge is completely empty due to our impending trip. I think my mom is making chicken noodle soup (not the usual Christmas Eve dinner fare). Afterwards, hubs and I will do some last-minute packing before leaving for the airport at 4:30am Christmas morning.

I wish everyone an absolutely wonderful Christmas this year! I hope that you and your family have a lovely time full of scrumptious food, family, love and most of all joy!

(How lame of me for not taking any photos during all these festivities? Forgive me?)

{colorful photo via here}


  1. Sigh, it's already all over. Xmas doesn't feel the way it used to anymore. Guess it's cuz we're always heading out of town. I'm definitely not complaining or anything, I love getting out of here. But it's always good to spend time with family considering how little of that I do already.


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