One of my favorite bloggers* is creative beyond means. I really like her chic style and exquisite taste. I visit her daily for a dose of inspiration.

However, she recently launched two new business ventures and I am a smidge disappointed with both.

How come? To put it bluntly, her stuff is a rip-off

First, Pretty Little Things Club. You buy a subscription to the PLT Club on her etsy shop. Then every month she sends you a pretty little thing. What kind of items? It is a surprise. But she promises they will be cool (and also very pretty and little). A 12-month subscription is $100.

Her October item was a set of hand shadow cards. Her latest November item was a set of fake moustaches. Huh? They may be little, and they may be things, but they are definitely not pretty. And they seem utterly not worth the hefty $100 price tag, IMO.

For her second business venture, she’s selling blank labels. You put these through your own printer and customize them how you’d like at home.

They’re priced at $6.25 per sheet. To have one shipped to you will set you back $10. For one sheet of labels.

Why am I mad? Because I can create this sheet of labels in less than 10 minutes using Photoshop. I can easily print the design on Avery labels, which would not cost more than $1 per sheet. And I am sure anybody can do it, too.

I’m annoyed when people overcharge and others buy into it. It's so sad when the markup is so obvious and the ease of making it is apparent.

And because she's popular in the design world, I see several mentions of her business ventures on other blogs. Her label business is just recently featured on MS Wedding Blog. Gah! Don't people know better?

Ugh, her new businesses irk me for some strange reason. I need to get over it.

* No names or links in case of traceback


  1. hey now, it's a capitalist world. she can do as she wishes. and of course, the market will do as it wishes. and if the market deems her wares as ripoffs, then her little shop will get the message. or maybe she's just targeting folks with much more disposable income than us, so that's why we don't get it.

  2. I'm with you. Blank labels, you said? You can buy labels like that at a craft store for cheap, cheap, cheap. Why in the world would you buy blank labels for 6 dollars a sheet? Now I'm all riled up....seriously!


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