Yet Another Fall Trip

Last weekend my parents and I took little jaunt to Shenandoah National Park. I think we caught the peak foliage because the colors were so brilliant! I got snappy happy and took a bunch of photos - of anything. Although now looking through my pictures, I really didn't get many nice shots. Oh well. We had lunch and even walked a short trail, something I had never done before. Good times overall!

Since I don't have many nice photos to show and tell - I will just do a narrative of our trip!

We entered from the Front Royal entrance and drove about a quarter of Skyline Drive before we existed at Thornton Gap. Skyline Drive is a 105-mile road that runs the entire length of the SHP in the Blue Ridge Mountains. As you can see, the scenic drive is particular beautiful in the fall when the leaves are changing colors! Luckily with the speed limit of 35mph on SD, it was slow enough for me to look around while driving. So gorgeous!

There are more than 70 scenic overlooks along the SD. We stopped by a few. The view all looked more or less the same, though.

I took Pargo with me. Car rides, even long ones, don't bother Pargo so I can take him anywhere. The only problem is that he gets tired easily. The Snead Farm Trail was merely 1.4 miles RT, but my parents and I took turns carrying him. :) But we did it!

The highlight of the trail (besides a gazillion of bugs) was this barn at the end. I went further to the top of a hill to take this picture.

We then had at lunch at one of the picnic areas. Even Pargo had a little somethin' somethin' to eat. We were surrounded by beautiful tall trees.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day. Not only I like the bright green/yellow color, but also how the shot was captured.

Oh, and we also walked a little piece of Appalachian Trail. The AT stretches more than 2,100 miles and passes through fourteen states, from Maine to Georgia. Picture below is me taking a break from walking.

We ended the trip with a short stop at Sperryville, VA on the way home. There really isn't anything to be said about Sperryville, except that it is VERY SMALL. I think I saw a B&B, a couple of art galleries, and...that's it. Not recommend by sugarlens!

SNP was great. I want to go back again and hike a longer trail that leads to waterfalls next time. Lastly, even though the drive to SNP was long, we found super cheap gas along the way ($2!) and entrance fee was free (my dad is "Golden Age"). It was totally worth it!

Plan your own visit to Shenandoah


  1. Two dollar gas?!!? I'd drive down there just to stock up :p

    Glad you had a great outdoorsy trip and I'm going to go ahead and disagree with the "I really didn't get many nice shots" statement.

  2. That farm picture gives me the creeps man. Who knows what goes on out there in the woods of Virginia. If I ever wanted to 86 someone, I'd do it at a place like that. Then I'd sit around enjoying the pretty leaves while I burn their body and feed them to the local critters. Gawd damn, I love Virginia!

  3. D, I know, $2, amazing! Still, I remember the .99 days...

    Autumn Light - Ha! I knew you would say something like that. I actually thought about it while walking the trail. But we made it back, safe and sound. VA isn't so bad.


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