This Week

The hubs is away this week in Vegas for a conference. He took this picture using his camera phone and sent it to me (using his phone as well) via email. I am stuck in 2003 when it comes to technology so I find it pretty neat. This is the view from his hotel room in Paris.

Luke left around 3pm on Sunday and I spent that night on my own. Too many horror movies and coupled with my silly imagination, I scared the bejeezus out of myself at night, laying wide awake for an hour in the dark. I heard strange noises, I swear!

So this week, Pargo and I are having a slumber party at my parents'. I am actually blogging using my mom's computer right now!

Hurry back, babes! And muchas gracias for the lovely (after editing) photo! ;)


  1. Vegas will never be the same again. Sitting through MBA classes from 8-6 is a treat compared to the stuff we're getting here. Oh well...just 4 more days to go, then a nice long 5 hr plane ride back home. Can't wait to get back and snuggle in a nice warm bed.

  2. Home for the pre-holidays. It is nice to have you and pargo spending the week with us.


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