Old Navy Is Cute And Cheap, Part II

This dress, from Old Navy, is $.0.92, including tax. Yes, you read it right. Ninety-two cents!


I just love the dress! It fits me like a glove. It’s so simple and feminine. Slinky and stretchy in all the right places. I can see myself wearing it to the office with nice earrings + necklace or to a party with funky accessories. The flatter knit material gives it a great shape and feel.

Although the dress looks black in the picture, it's actually maroon. And I must say it looks better in real life, when the person is moving, walking around.

It was the last dress on the rack and just in my size. :) It was kismet, I tell ya.

I also bought another dress, for the same price. This one is more fun and flirty. The girly pinky color really isn't my cup of tea, but for ninety-two cents, I wasn't about to walk away from it. I like the cross-pleat bodice and I figure I can wear it casually on vacations with a pair of sandals even though the material is organza.

So there you have it, the most fabulous deal of the century! Each ON store is different, hopefully you will find a ridiculously good bargain too!


  1. That dress looks lovely! Why was it $0.92??

  2. nilmandra: I am not sure - maybe because it is the end of the season? There is nothing wrong with the dress, though.

  3. Love the dress!! It looks great on you! Sometimes you can get the best deals at Old Navy. The hard part for me is digging through a whole lot of stuff and then just hoping I'll find the right size. It takes a bit of determination. :) And some time!

  4. Totally understand what you are saying, Heidi! A good deal, though, makes it all worth it.


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