Pargo Turns 3!

The puppy cake was a huge success! Pargo went CRAZY (yes, all caps and italicize) for it! I highly recommend the cake recipe to everyone with doggies! And how did the cake taste truly? Well, the hubs and I both had some so I can give you a honest opinion. :) It was actually...okay! Not too sweet and had a dense texture to it. I think I would actually like it if I didn't know the cake was meant for dogs. It smelled incredibly good, though. Yum, peanut butter.

Happy Birthday Pargo! Because of his small size, people are always quick to ask, is he still a puppy? Although he is far from it, Pargo is still really puppy-like. He likes to play chase. He loves his ducky + froggy, grapes (skin removed, mind you), and short walks. He's not a fan of lobster - I just recently discovered that. He loves sleeping on the bed with us, napping under the sun, and barking at UPS trucks. He hate all vacuums, will come to you when he sees you with a brush, he hates baths. He lives for tummy rubs.

Tonight we gave him a whole drumstick for dinner and a piece of cake for dessert. Currently, he's laying next to me, totally suffering from a food coma. Just look how big his tummy is!

Pargo, I hope you had a good day. I hope you know how much I love you!


  1. Thanks D! Would you like a slice of my puppy cake? ;)

    xoxo, P

  2. Haha, I was telling my buddy Heidi all about your puppy cake yesterday. She absolutely adores her puppy Charlie and would probably want to bake him a cake too!


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