More Updates

I've been fiddling with my template again, peeps. I redesigned it in hopes of creating a more grownup web presence. Not to be mistaken for more grownup content, though.

For starter, I shocked myself the other night when I managed to pull off that navigation bar at the top. Impressive? I think so! Follow instructions from here, here, and here.

Then I changed my blog header using one of my favorite pictures of hubs and me, taken in Puerto Rico. It was a purely spontaneous moment that I leaned over to kiss him just as the camera clicked. Unfortunately, the original photo was under-exposed. I used Photoshop to make it more artistic-looking. I imagine I will get bored with the header in a few months so don't be surprised if you see it changing a couple of times a year.

Lastly, notice the little footer at the bottom of the page? Just something extra.

Do you like the font? It's Disney Simple. Gotta dust some magic 'round here whenever I can!

That's all for now. How do you like my new design? The hubs already raised his voice, but now I like to hear yours!


  1. I like the new look! very cute picture. two thumbs up!!!

  2. Uh, did you get my permission to use my likeness on your blog? I don't think so, please take it down until you've paid in full. I would like a copy of Wall-E on bluray, some almond-vanilla cupcakes, a BMW 650i, and you wrapped in some Victoria Secret garb please. Thank you for your cooperation.

    And no, I don't like this new look as much as the old simpler ones with just a graphic banner.

  3. Thanks leesburger for your feedback!

    The Enforcer:

    I like the navigation bar, but maybe I will change the picture eventually in the near future. Yup!


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