Dumbarton Oaks In Polaroids

We all know about Georgetown's famous M Street - the funky and upscale shops, the swanky bars and restaurants. But did you know that a couple of blocks away is garden that is beautifully landscaped and carefully maintained? No? Well, neither did I...until yesterday when my mom showed me.

Dumbarton Oaks Garden
is very picturesque. The fact that there is no admission charge from Nov-Mar is just icing on the cake. Now is the good time to go, before it gets too cold and before all the fall colors disappear.

The history of Dumbarton Oaks goes like this. The property was bought by Mildred and Robert Woods Bliss in 1920. After buying the property, the Blisses changed it significantly, renovating and expanding. They worked with Beatrix Farrand, a landscape designer, to transform the land surrounding the house into terraced gardens and vistas. Because they had no children, the couple gave Dumbarton Oaks to Harvard University in 1940.

The garden is quite large - 10 acres - you could easily spend half a day here. There are benches for relaxing and a museum. I love all the mature trees. The garden is also very hilly so there are many steps. Even it is no longer spring or summer, there are still many colorful flowers in bloom. Oh, and there are a number of fountains and sculptures.

I really like this picture I took of the little girls playing at Lovers' Lane Pool!

My mom said that this view is like a painting. I agree.

Silly old me at one of the many terraces.

It was another beautiful day - we have been having such good luck with weather lately. I know cold days are ahead of us, so it's nice to grab onto the nice fall weather for as long as we can. I couldn't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than walking around a pretty garden.

Now, onto the Polaroids and how I did it!

I post about turning photos into Polaroids before using Photoshop, but this is an easier (and better!) way to do it. Sorry, Mac users only.

1. Download the free POLADROID application and launch it
2. Drag & Drop your photos
3. Wait... wait.... wait again... or shake the picture. See your photos turn *extra* extraordinary!

How cool is this? How incredibly cool? I had an "I love you Internet moment" when I first discovered it!


  1. Your pictures turned out much better than mine!


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