Monday, October 13, 2008

My DIY Cake Toppers, Part 2

I made these cupcake toppers last week for my mom’s birthday. They were ridiculously easy to make and, in my no-so-humble opinion, looked wonderful. Perfect complements to the cupcakes.

Step 1: Using MS Word, I created three tables with two columns (2”) and six rows (0.25”). I used California FB font and typed a celebratory message in each cell. Then I printed on 80lb recycled sand specks cardstock. I used my trusty paper trimmer to cut around the tables.

Step 2: Then I scored down the middle to make the fold cleaner.

Step 3: I carefully cut out each strips.

Step 4: I used a regular glue stick and put some glue on the back of the strip. Fold the strip in half and secure the toothpick. Repeat. This was the most time consuming part and could get sticky. I had to wash my hands often.

Overall, this project was pennies to make and made a big impact on the overall presentation of the cupcakes. (See recipe. I made Almond Buttercream Frosting this time, though. Simply substitute vanilla extract for almond extract.)


  1. enough about the cake toppers, the friggin icing is what I want more of. never though almond flavored icing would be so good. Is it my burfday yetto?

  2. Yes -- I can't resist a good cupcake flag. These look great!