Shopping For Jamaica

If you are going on a tropical vacation this winter like me, then don't miss this sale. The options are limited -- you probably have to be flexible on the colors and be willing to mix and match but the good news is they are at rock-bottom prices (roughly 75% off). I honestly don't believe they will be marked-down further.

I haven't bought a bathing suit in years so I went ahead and got two. I was fortunate enough to find matching ones, too! I’ve never tried on bathing suits from J.Crew before so I got them based on the size chart. I hope they fit. If not, I am stuck with them anyway because final sale items are not returnable.

Use code RCLK for an extra 10% discount.

Oh, and we also bought his and hers waters shoes this weekend.

Can you tell we are so psyched for Jamaica?!


  1. I might be heading out to the tropics soonish so thanks for the tips!

    Also, I gave you a little blog award just now :)

  2. Wow, thanks for the award! I can't believe little old me actually got recognized for something. :)

    Enjoy the warm weather in Cancun!

  3. a bikini showed up! Suggy tried it on. Ahbow got happy. Happy happy!!! =] Can't wait for more in Negril!


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