My First Real Tag

Remember how silly I was wanting to play, but no one even tagged me? Boo.

Well, the lovely owner of Dry As Toast took sympathy and gave me my first real tag! Thanks, D!

The game goes like this: I tell you four things about me for each of the four categories. Pretty simple and easy. Lets get started.

Four Things I Did Today

1 Because the weather has been wonderful and the fall colors are vibrant, took Pargo out for an impromptu photo shoot after work.
2 Fed the fishes. Miracle is growing. Pictures to come soon. I promise.
3 Waited for my husband to come home. He worked late today.
4 Went to work at 7. Came home at 3. I love my job.

Four Things On My To-Do List

1 Tomorrow I have a meeting with my manager. Finally getting debriefed on my annual assessment. Wish me luck.
2 Take more pictures of fall foliage! Today was only the beginning.
3 Buy a bathing suit for Jamaica. Anyone know where is a good place to look? I haven't gone bathing suit shopping in ages.
4 Make chicken noodle soup and honey sesame chicken.

Four Of My Guiltiest Pleasures

1 (Stolen from Miss D) Blogging. About total randomness. All the time. And reading other people's randomness.
2 Desperate Housewives. Grey's Anatomy. One Tree Hill. 90210. Survivor.

(Sorry, but I have to cheat on this one, my mind is drawing blank.)

Four Random Facts About Me

1 At age of 16, I gave myself my own English name. I was tired of people butchering my Chinese name or calling me "Chia-Pet". Kids can be so cruel. But now, I like my Chinese name better. I am glad I kept it as my middle name.
2 I am a home girl, but I feel guilty if I stay home on a perfectly sunny gorgeous day.
3 I get really careful (and excited) when I see my dog eat. Seriously. I tell my husband to walk quieter or stay still so he doesn't distract the little guy.
4 I suck at standardized tests. SAT, GMAT, GRE. I took them all and scored miserably. But, I am the first in the family (2 older "smarter" brothers before me) to have a job out of college. What does this tell you? GPAs and test scores don't mean much. It's all about appearances. ;)

I can count my blogging friends (okay, friend. Singular.) with one finger. So I don't have anyone to tag, but if you want to play along, then you are it!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you finally did it. I was beginning to think you stood me up.

    And awww, I can't believe no one let you play before! I was the same though. I kept reading everyone else's tags and "blog awards" and I wanted in too :)

    But like I said, no sympathy! Your blog is simply great, that's all.

    Btw, I would've totally made each TV show it's own thing. Just saying.

    How'd you decide on Joyce as you name? Did you make a list? I always wondered about that in high school (we had a high asian population). I'd never be able to make up my mind.

    You and Pargo are too funny, but I know I'd be the exact same way. What if they get all excited and lose their appetite!?

    And finally, me and standardized tests are no friends at all. I hate them with a passion and always had to take them twice only to prove to myself that yes, yes I am in fact a moron.

    P.S. good luck on your assessment!

    P.P.S. this comment counts for five people.

  2. Believe it or not, I thought about the tag all week. My weekdays are very non-eventful so I didn't know what to put for Four Things I Did Today. But yesterday I took Pargo out for some pictures so I thought I could at least put that. =p

    Hmmm...I am not sure anymore. I just remember liking the name Joyce. It was either that or Jackie. My mom's coworker thought Jackie suited me, but Joyce sounded better to me. If I could have a do-over, I would pick something more exotic, like Suki.

  3. Shoot, I wish I had a say on my name. But I always figured if I changed my name and then became super famous and the tabloids found out my real name was Dorkys it'd be the end of me. Sooo I just stuck with it.

    Still, every time I have to meet someone new I get super anxious and first days of school made me sick to my stomach :(


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