My Favorite Snack EVER!

They are called PoPo Muruku Ikan and they are incredibly tasty. Far better than all the chips, Doritos, and cheeotos combined. The snack has just the right amount of saltiness and crunch. The only problem is I don't know where to get them, except online, which I imagine has an obscene markup and shipping is another $10.

But, I may just have to deal with that.

Thanks to The Newlyweds and Lynn for introducing me to this fabulous snack. I tried rationing, but once I started, I ate 3 packs in a row. None for Luke. Muahahahaha!


  1. Yes, that is our old time favorite childhood snack, we love it too! not only it tastes good, it brings back childhood memories. The online price is a super rip-off, it is about 100% markup. Maybe we should start an import company. Our last 2 packs were gone today too since I was out and my newlywed hubby finish them all!

  2. Oh my goodness, I don't think I will be getting it then... I will check around Eden Center and other Asian markets. Will let you know if I strike gold!

  3. All I know is this, Lynn shared a couple bags with us a few months ago and after handing them over to Joyce, I never saw them again until the other day. And thats only because she was given even more by our friendly hosts. And even then, I don't quite get what the fuss is all about. Maybe I've been in this country too long, but these guys are like broken fortune coogies to me. Not only that, but there's no fortune inside the bag! Just some weird looking baby boy thing crawling on the bag. Not sure what that's all about, not very appetizing picture if you ask me.


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